Business Credit Card Offers Galore!

Business Credit Card Offers Galore!

First things first, there is a reason why there are a lot of business credit card offers around. Basically, the benefit of having a business credit card is that the company – be it a large company or a small one – is able to keep track of all the expenses its employees make.

A business credit card is used by business owners, entrepreneurs and big shot executives in the corporate field.

The following are some of the business credit card offers available in the market.

The platinum advanta with rewards

This business credit card offers zero percent APR on any balance transfers made for sixteen months. the APR thereafter is fixed at 7.99%.

Cash back is also available for this business credit card as well as rewards for travel. An additional plus is that the platinum Advanta requires that you do not pay an annual fee.

To be eligible to apply, a good credit standing is needed. Balance transfers also apply.

The Citibank business credit card

This card also has a zero percent APR on all purchases as well as balance transfers for a maximum of twelve months.

For the Citibank business credit card, annual fees are not required. Plus, the credit line is business-sized. Citibank also has additional free cards for a particular company’s employees, with the credit limit set conveniently by you.

The Citibank business card also provides everyday savings on all your business-related purchases. Summaries of all charges are also provided annually as well as quarterly.

To be eligible to apply, a good credit standing is needed. Balance transfers also apply. Regular APR is set at 11.24%.

American express business credit card gold rewards

This particular credit card entitles the bearer with an automatic enrollment in the Amex membership program rewards.

Users of this Amex gold business credit card entitles its bearer with earning 100,000 rewards points during the first year.

Sky’s the limit applies very much to this Amex gold business credit card as there is no spending limit that is pre-set.

There is no such thing as finance charges for this business credit card. A plus is the continuous savings users are eligible at the following business: FedEx, AT&T, Hertz, Staples, among others.

First year users of the Amex gold business credit card have their annual fee free, after which a regular $125 applies every year.

To be eligible to apply, a good credit standing is needed.

Discover business credit card

For this business credit card, the introductory APR is at zero percent especially for purchases made for twelve months.

A five percent bonus cashback is provided for office supplies, while a bonus cashback of two percent is provided for gas. Another bonus is a one percent bonus cashback for any other purchases.

There is no such thing as an annual fee for this particular business credit card.

To be eligible to apply, a good credit standing is needed. An APR of 12.99% applies. Balance transfers are also provided.

Advanta balanced life platinum card

This business credit card allows its users a fixed 2.99% APR for one’s whole life as well as on other balances that have been transferred in three months. There is also no annual fee and there is unlimited earning potential.

All in all, it depends on your specific wants, needs and lifestyle as to the specific card that appeals much to your preference. Choose at your own risk and benefit.

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