Business Credit Cards: A Valuable Source Of Funding

´╗┐Business Credit Cards: A Valuable Source Of Funding

One of the keys to business success lies in sufficient capital: you need it to get through the fluctuating times of your small business. Business credit cards can help smooth over your financial needs. A recent survey showed that 90% of small business owners use a business credit card. Here are just a few of the many ways a business credit card can help you manage your finances.

Access to Funding
Finding sources of funding can be a challenge when starting a new business. A business credit card allows you easy access to a line of credit. The credit limit for business credit cards is usually higher than personal cards.

Many business credit cards, including the Platinum Business Credit Card from American Express and the Chase Platinum Visa ® Business Card, offer 0% APR introductory rates. These rates last for a few months, and sometimes for up to a year. This can help jumpstart your business. It allows you to make initial purchases and cover start-up costs until revenue begins to flow in. If you pay off the balance during the 0% APR period, you essentially enjoy the benefits of an interest-free loan.

Cash Flow Solutions
Besides providing initial funding, a business credit card allows you to extend cash flow. You can purchase supplies with the credit card. This way you can keep cash in the bank, rather than using it to buy goods. As you receive cash from customers and clients, you can pay off the credit card balance

While using the card, remember to pay off the balances in a timely fashion. After the introductory period, the interest rate that is used will be higher than many other loans. Also, with a business credit card, unlike a corporate one, you are personally responsible for paying off the debt. By tracking purchases and setting up a payment schedule, you can avoid running into credit card debt.

Extra Bonuses
Business credit cards offer small companies a wealth of benefits. If you want a customized touch, look for a card that will include the name of your company on it. As your business grows, you can add employee cards. Some companies let you set credit limits on employee cards and receive monthly reports on their spending.

A business credit card will help you track expenses. Monthly and annual statements show how much you have spent, and some will even categorize items. This enables you to quickly review how funds are being used.

Many business credit cards offer rewards programs. You may want to receive 5% cash back on purchases, or accumulate points that can be redeemed for travel bonuses and other rewards.

As you consider which credit card will work best for you, look at your business and its needs. A rewards program with airline miles is perfect if you travel frequently. And if you simply want more cash on hand, look for a cash back program.

Whatever you are looking for, chances are you will be able to find it in a business credit card. View your business credit card as one of the financial tools for your business. Use it as a source of funding to get started and help manage the business. Then reap the additional benefits and rewards it sends your way.