Grant Money for New Business

Grant Money for New Business

Grant money is a crucial part of funding for starting a new business. Although poor management is said to be one of the top reason that new businesses do not succeed, inadequate or improper financing is a close second. That’s why sufficient startup capital is essential, whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one.

When it comes to grant money for new business, government and organizations grants are always a viable option. Often, the purpose of government-funded grant money for new business is to aid in the development and finance of new businesses in all fields.

However, there are certain types of financial assistance that are better geared for some business than others. The factors that affect what kind of government assistance you need include type of business, location, future plans, and amount of financial aid needed. Knowing all this could help your bid or application for grant money for new business get quickly approved.

The Federal Government announces available grant programs in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). The site, found at, serves as an online database, containing listings of all available grants provided by the government.

But the problem with this resource is that there are only very few grant money for new business programs available. So unless your new business is aimed to develop rural business opportunities or is a minority business enterprise, you have very little chance of getting approved for grant money for new business.

On a another note, a variety of local sources may provide you with the grant money for new business you need. Here’s all you need to know:

Dig Deep

Most grant money for new business is buried within other programs. These programs are used as incentives to attract, retain, or grow small businesses such as enterprise and empowerment zones. To find grant money for new business, therefore, you need to look for this kind of programs and dig around to see if they are accepting or offering grant applications. A good starting points, consider incubators, universities, small business development centers, and business information centers, as well as your local chamber of commerce and professional organizations.

Consider Contracts

Government money can sometimes come in the form of contracts. “If you can demonstrate that your company can execute a budget line item, if you can shape part of your idea to what the government wants done for a particular project – say something educational or construction-oriented – if you can fill a need, you can compete,” says Francie Ward, CEO of the Business Owner’s Idea Café at

Competitions Can Yield Cash

If your application for grant money for new business and presentation pass muster, there are organizations that will give you the cash you need. While it’s true that there are many grant opportunities out there, it doesn’t mean that all of that will just somehow miraculously fall on your lap without you having to lift a single finger. The truth is you will need to work…a lot. And you will need to shine. If you compete with other grant seekers, your chances of getting that grant money for small business will increase.

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