Incorporate Your Business For Great Business Benefits

Incorporate Your Business For Great Business Benefits

The ability to make the right decision at the right time is the most desired quality in any business entrepreneur. And there are certain business decisions that can take your entrepreneurial ambitions further ahead than others. The decision to incorporate your business is one such decision that can affect the future of your business in a positive direction.

Before explaining several benefits of incorporation, let us give you the definition of corporation from a legal point of view. A corporation is regarded as a separate legal entity, whose existence is independent of that of its owners. The process of incorporation is guided by the charter or certificate of incorporation of the respective states. To incorporate a business, you have to fill out the forms for this Charter and file all the papers along with the requisite fees to the proper state authority.

If you are planning to incorporate, you are moving towards the right direction, because the process of incorporation comes with the following benefits:

Incorporation protects you from the disadvantages of sole proprietorship. As such you no longer remain personally liable with regards to business debts. In case of a sole proprietorship or partnership, your personal properties can be seized by the creditors in case you default on the payment of your business debts. These personal properties include your home, savings and other assets. But incorporation of your business makes you one of the shareholders in your company and as such, if your business is down, as a shareholder you have nothing to lose other than the money you have invested in your company. Your other properties are safe from liability.

As a corporation your company gains a much longer life span. In case of sole proprietorship or in the partnership business, the business virtually comes to an end in the event of the death of the proprietor or one of the partners. But a corporation is provided with a legal business structure. No matter what happens to any of its shareholder or executives, a corporation continues to exist, as it has a separate legal entity of its own. The ownership can also be transferred without affecting any business functions just by selling the stocks.

When you are planning to pump in more capital into your business, a corporation business structure comes into great help. When you need some more capital investment, you can sell stocks or other equity interests in the market. If you are a sole proprietor or running a partnership business, it is much more difficult to attract the financiers due to the liability issues.

If you incorporate your business, you can offer many tax-deductible benefits to your employees including health and life insurance, travel and entertainment expense account, and retirement plans. This will help you to attract the best managers in the industry to run your business more profitably.