Small Business Credit Card – Credit Card Services For A Business

Small Business Credit Card – Credit Card Services For A Business

Small Business Credit Card – Credit Card Services For A Business

If you are a new business and looking for a credit card, chances are you want a small business credit card. Because you are a new business, resources may be limited as well as manpower. When you’re looking for that new card, you should consider the credit card services for a business that the issuer provides.

Credit card services for a business when looking for a credit card?

Sure. A small business credit card can provide you with more than extending credit. After all you are new and small. You may need all the help you can get.

Financial institutions understand the additional control and constraints a business needs over their credit. Business card offers vary just like personal credit cards, although some of the incentives are the same. However, various issuers go even further with their business credit card offers and add credit card services for a business.

When looking for a new small business credit card, you want to keep in mind that although you’re new and small, you don’t intend to stay that way. You want a credit card that can grow with you. Here are a few features to consider when looking for that new small business credit card.

– After the initial APR introductory offer, what is the regular interest rate?

– Is there a yearly fee?

– What is the line of credit and can it be increased as time goes by?

– Is there a limit to the number of credit cards that can be issued on the account?

– Do they offer airline mile points?

– Is there a cash rebate program?

– Do they have partnerships with leading retailers for office equipment and supplies so that they will offer discounts when using my business credit card?

– Is my account accessible online so I can manage my daily expenses?

– Is there an extended payment term for larger purchases?

– Does this offer include quarterly and yearly reports?

– Can this information be transferred directly to my company’s accounting software program?

– Is there a choice of how I receive the summary of my expenses?

All of these benefits are not offered for every business credit card. But, the right combination for your situation can save you time and money. Choosing the right small business credit card can add significantly to your bottom line.